Journal/Letter about the French Revolution

You have been asked to write a letter or journal entry on the French revolution through the eyes of one of its participants. You will need to choose one of the following people that we have studied:

  • Charlotte Corday
  • Georges Danton
  • Jean-Paul Marat
  • Madame Roland
  • Maximilien Robespierre
  • Marie Antionette
  • Louis Capet
  • Count Mirabeau

Once you have chosen your person, please research their lives. You will need to know their basic biographical information (place and date of birth, occupation, place and date of death), their role during the revolution, and their reaction to its events. Next, you will need to decide what to write about. You may choose to write about one particular event, in which case you will need to go into some detail, or you may choose to write about a series of events. To research the character, and the event(s) that you will write about, you may use books, websites and your textbook.

The letter should be one to two pages, double spaced, and is due Friday, Jan. 14. You will be evaluated on historical accuracy and detail, creativity and effort.

Recommended websites:

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